Polyester products are safe to install, and supplied in rolls of either 750mm or 1200mm wide, suitable for standard housing and commercial construction.

In Ceilings :

The polyester blanket is laid directly on top of the ceiling boards between the ceiling beams and beneath cables and conduits. Ventilation points are kept clear around flue pipes, ceiling fans and recessed lights. Transformers are put on top of the insulation material on a flat piece of wood or board.

Geysers :

For futher energy saving a blanket is wrapped around geysers for free if installed by Insutherm!

Expert Installation

InsuTherm is proud to be an approved expert installer for the Gauteng region. This close relationship with the manufacturer ensures the highest level of expertise in our installation teams. We are dedicated to the polyester product type only – and we do gladly remove old and ineffective glass-wool products at no charge should you order InsuTherm service.

Our relationship with selected manufacturers ensures that you have proper product backup from the manufacturer..

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